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Older Parenthood (or 30+ parenthood)

The age of the woman is a very important factor. It is the main factor that influences the outcome of treatment. This is related to the age of the woman and the quality of her eggs (see HFEA annual report for treatment outcome for female patients aged under 37 years and over 37 years of age. Also note data for patients aged over 40 years). If a woman wishes to have the best chances of parenthood, it is good advice to consider starting before she is 30 years old!

Interestingly, the rates of miscarriage and chromosome abnormalities, such as Downs` Syndrome, increase in a similar way as women age.


Women who have no womb, a damaged or non functional womb, or who are at risk if they become pregnant, need to consider surrogacy to have a child of their own. Technically, it is very easy to do. Success rates are excellent (though still dependent on the quality of the genetic mother’s eggs-i.e. related to her age). COTS is an agency that helps with this. There are many legal pitfalls.


Varies from council to council throughout the UK. In the UK age is an issue. Most people considering adoption are usually over 35 years when they seek this solution. This is often too old for most UK agencies! Inter country adoption is not uncommon, with countries such as China, Vietnam and Romania being common locations. If it is known that you have been seeking infertility treatment adoption agencies will usually seek assurances from you that you are no longer actively seeking treatment before they will act on your behalf.

Sperm and egg donation

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