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Maximising your chances


Optimal nutrition may help, but little formal research has been done to date. Some good advice, which most people do not want to hear is “ don’t smoke” and “don’t drink (too much)”. Both of these can affect egg and sperm quality. I always say “if you are serious-don’t smoke, don’t drink. When you have your children, then smoke and drink as much as you like”. Bad diets often raise the levels of oxidation in the body. Antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E are very useful. Generally, I prescribe selenium ACE with zinc as a very helpful combination for men. Women might also benefit from this as well as some iron. Beware, do not take iron willy nilly. Check with your GP before you take it


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Psychological Issues

When you are desperate to have a baby, it may cause profound changes in your emotions. It is often stated that a person can experience emotions similar to bereavement. A bereavement for the longed for child! A strong part of this is denial, guilt, fear and anger. Denial causes people to try to carry on with their lives as if no issues existed. This might lead to delays in seeking appropriate treatment. Guilt is common. The individual feels they are experiencing infertility as punishment. Most religious texts contain references to barrenness, which often is implied to exist because of a failure to comply with instructions from the deity. Fear exists as couples feel that they might never succeed in having a baby. Anger occurs, particularly when the “why me?” phase is entered.

There are many psychological issues within the area of infertility and just as many ways of coping. Everyone has their own way. The aims of this website are to help you find your own way to deal with the trials and tribulations of the infertility roller-coaster.

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