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This site has been designed for couples experiencing difficulty in making babies. The web facilitators have been working in the fertility world for many years and have a wealth of experience in treating, supporting, informing and advising patients.

For non-members this site provides free access to information about infertility diagnosis and treatment. The News section on the front page is updated on a monthly basis. There will also be an online shop where test kits, books and nutritional supplements will be available. We would like this site to be an invaluable resource to anyone trying for a baby.

We also offer an exclusive members area. Here you will have access to chat rooms where you can exchange views with other members. In addition there is a members` forum area allowing you to pose questions for our team of professionals or for other members. There is also an opportunuty to arrange specialist one-on-one advice via email, phone or in person.

Also exclusive to members is a downloadable quarterly pdf magazine which features more detailed infertility information, articles, members own stories and more!

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May 2007

The BBC has recently reported that the HFEA has concerns that many clinics do not provide enough information to patients. This makes informed consent difficult to achieve. (see link)

It has recently been reported that a diet rich on low-fat dairy food may make it harder for some women to conceive, according to a study published in Human Reproduction involving thousands of US women. So this implies that if you diet too much and limit your intake of full fat products, this will not necessarily help! Fat is needed in cell replacement and repair.

During February this year, it was widely reported that access to IVF on the NHS is a lottery, with different areas adopting different rules. Grant Shapps MP obtained data under the Freedom of Information Act showing inequitable IVF provision across England’s Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). Our own Facilitator, Sammy Lee was heard on LBC Newstalk Radio throughout that day, talking about this problem.

Scientists say they have successfully made immature sperm cells from human bone marrow samples. A scientist now working in Newcastle carried this work out in Germany. The possibility carries hope for the future, but at the moment the sperm created were few and would not work, because they are too immature and also contain too many chromosomes.

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